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Let's fight Parkinson's together.

On-demand fitness classes, designed to slow progression.

Boxing, HIIT, Yoga, Meditation, and much more, taught by coaches who know PD.

Take classes from your home, on your schedule.

Free for members of Renew Active by United Healthcare®.

Just $19/mo for everyone else.
Renew Active by United Healthcare® or One Pass™
Unlimited On-Demand Access
Your Medicare plan may cover Prime PD. Click below to sign up with your Renew Active® or One Pass™ Confirmation Code.
Start a 7-day free trial for access to on-demand (pre-recorded) fitness classes to complete on your own schedule.
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Exercise is clinically proven to manage the symptoms of PD.
"Aerobic exercise can be done at home by patients with Parkinson's disease with mild disease severity and it attenuates off-state motor signs."
"Among patients with mild-to-moderate PD, the mindfulness yoga program was found to be as effective as SRTE in improving motor dysfunction and mobility."
Strengthens gait & balance
Improves quality of life
Reduces motor symptoms
"A minimum of 4 weeks of gait training or 8 weeks of balance training can have positive effects that persist for 3–12 months after treatment completion."
"I encourage patients to follow a long-term exercise program at home which is critical to managing their Parkinson's disease."
Gian Pal, MD, MS
Movement disorder specialist at Rutgers Health

Now participating in Renew Active by United Healthcare® and One Pass™

If you have a Medicare plan through United, your Prime PD membership may be covered. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for your Renew Active by United Healthcare® or One Pass™ Confirmation Code. You'll need it to register.

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